Dudley Wines

Dudley Wines’ vineyard is planted within the Howard Family’s 4000-acre property, known by the locals as ‘Porky Flat’. The Howard Family has a connection to Kangaroo Island dating back to 1883. Although it is a working beef cattle farm, the estate is still approximately 30% untouched native bushland. The vineyard is surrounded on two sides by malley scrub, home to native kangaroos and wallabies. Adjacent to the winery, an authentic cellar has been dug out of the hillside and walled with limestone to provide a stable environment to house the wine barrels.  


False Cape Wines

Named after a nearby coastal landmark, False Cape vineyard was established in 1999. Located close to Willson River on the Dudley Peninsula, the location was selected because of the soil conditions and north facing slope. The vineyard covers 60 acres and is the largest on Kangaroo Island, promoting sustainable winemaking practises with the majority of wines produced organically.


Kangaroo Island Spirits

Kangaroo Island Spirits (KIS) specialises in handcrafted premium Australian spirits, gins and liqueurs, made in South Australia’s only boutique micro distillery.  Enjoy a range of award winning 'pure spirits' that reflect the use of local ingredients such as coastal daisy and native juniper berries. Drop in to the KIS cellar door at Cygnet River, hosted by passionate owners Jon and Sarah Lark.     


Island Beehive

Island Beehive is one of the largest organic honey producers in Australia, extracting over 100 tonnes of honey per year which is exported nationally and internationally. A visit includes insight into the important role of the Ligurian Bee, a tour of the processing plant, and tasting a delicious range of honey flavours all produced on Kangaroo Island.    


Oyster Farm Shop

Kangaroo Island has five protected marine parks that ensure water quality is high, helping to produce some of the best tasting oysters in the world. The Oyster Farm Shop offer you a tasting selection of freshly shucked oysters from local accredited farms located in Eastern Cove.  Oysters grown in this region are known for their distinctly sweet flavour. 


Island Pure Dairy

Island Pure Dairy opened in 1992 and was South Australia’s first sheep dairy and cheese factory. Located on 260 hectares of land in the beautiful Gum Creek region of Kangaroo Island, tours include a full tasting experience plus some background information on how to make natural homemade cheeses and yoghurts.