Cape Willoughby Lighthouse

Situated in the easternmost point of Kangaroo Island, Cape Willoughby Lighthouse was the first lighthouse to be built in South Australia in 1852. It was built to assist the safe journey of ships passing through the treacherous stretch of water known as Backstairs Passage. It stands 27m high with 102 steps to the lookout tower and offers stunning panoramic views to mainland South Australia and the Kangaroo Island coastline.


Emy Bay Lavender Farm

Emu Bay Lavender was established in 2001 and has grown over the past two decades to over 50 acres of farm land and an estimated 7500 lavender plants. During the summer months, Kangaroo Island’s famous Ligurian bees pollinate the flowers and produce a signature lavender honey.  The farm also hand harvests around 8kg of essential oil which is used in a range of homemade therapeutic products. The farm operates a fully licensed café that is open for breakfast and lunch, offering seasonal produce and local beverages, only minutes from one of the finest beaches on the island at Emu Bay.   


Hanson Bay Sanctuary 

The Hanson Bay Wildlife Sanctuary provides visitors with the chance to see a sustainable population of Koala’s, one of Australia’s most iconic marsupials.  The famous Koala Walk includes an avenue of eucalyptus trees where Koalas can be observed eating and sleeping in the wild. Our tour includes education on the Koala and a range of other native Australian wildlife that can be found on Kangaroo Island such as Kangaroos, Tammar Wallabies, Echidnas, Bats and Possums.    


Seal Bay

Seal Bay has been home to an Australian sea lion population for thousands of years, and offers one of the most exceptional ecotourism experiences in the world. There are no enclosures or cages at Seal Bay, instead you will be taken into the heart of the colony where our experienced guides will teach you about these endangered animals or you can choose to walk on a boardwalk through the dunes which offers regular viewing platforms. Seal Bay is the third largest colony in the world, and is the only location where you can observe these magnificent creatures at close quarters including pups playing, mothers suckling and bulls fighting for supremacy.  


Remarkable Rocks

The Remarkable Rocks are a huge outcrop of weather sculptured granite boulders perched on a large granite dome that drops 75 metres to the sea.  This stunning work of nature has been shaped by the erosive forces of wind, sea spray, and rain over more than 500 million years.  The golden orange lichen covering some of the rocks offers visitors wonderful photo opportunities at different times of the day. 


Admirals Arch

Admirals Arch is a former cave, eroded away over thousands of years to become a distinctive rock bridge.  Stalactites protrude from the rocky ceiling in contrast to the floor which is polished smooth.  The boardwalk leading to Admirals Arch is almost as scenic as the landmark itself, and provides an ideal place to observe the fur seal colony that rest and breed in the rock pools.  Whale migration season occurs between May and October but dolphins can be spotted in these waters throughout the year.