How long is the ultra marathon course?

The course is approx. 61km.  

What time does the race start?

The start time is 6:30am sharp. 

What is the cut-off time?

The cut-off time is 10 hours. 

Is the event timed?

The event will operate with an LED timing clock positioned at the start/finish line.  

Do runners receive a registration bib?

Yes, every runner will receive an official KI Oats WILDROO Ultra Marathon registration bib number.  This must be displayed at all times to ensure we can identify you during the race.  

Do you provide food and drink to runners?

The KI Oats WILDROO Ultra Marathon is a self supported race, however water will be made available at aid stations. Runners must demonstrate they have access to a drink bottle or vessel that holds a minimum 1L. Runners can package and label meals/snacks in advance, and these will be taken to designated aid stations on the morning of the event.  

What is the event cancellation policy?

The decision to cancel the KI Oats WILDROO Ultra Marathon will be made by the Race Director in consultation with the Chief Medical Officer.  The cancellation policy makes reference to inclement weather conditions, defined by air temperatures below 2°C or above 35°C and wind speeds in excess of 100km/hour.      

Please note the event will not be cancelled if ferry and/or air services do not operate.